About Kristine Butler Tampa Psychotherapist Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Kristine I. Butler, LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker
FL License #6523


University of Kansas

  • Bachelor Degree of Social Welfare 1991
  • Master Degree of Social Welfare 1996


Tampa Bay Psychotherapy & Psychoanalytic Study Group Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program

Work Experiences

Nursing Homes as Certified Nurses Assistant & Certified Home Health Aide & Psychotherapist

Group Homes for Developmentally Disabled Adults as a Life Skills Instructor

State of Kansas Social and Rehabilitation Services as a Social Worker for children and families facing the crisis of abuse and neglect allegations, foster care, adoption

Prairie View Behavioral Health System as a Psychotherapist working with adults, juvenile offenders, families, perpetrators of sexual abuse, children and victims of trauma

Private Practice as a Psychotherapist working with clients from the age of 8 to 100. Providing treatment for a wide range of mental health and personal challenges.

About Kristine I. Butler, LCSW

My approach to helping

I have an education in social work, 6 years of child protective service and foster care work. I have completed a psychoanalytic psychotherapy training program and have been a therapist for 15 years. I have learned that people do the best they can in life and in their relationships. While they are trying to do their best they often lack the tools and information to do a really good job. I approach each person with the idea that they are unique and they are hoping to improve on their “best”! I believe people have the capacity to change when they choose to do so!!!

What makes me different from other therapists 

I believe everyone has potential to be happy and it is a life achievement to figure out how to make that happen.  I have a wide array of experiences, a great education and training.  I am a constant learner.  I continue to grow as a person and a therapist.  If I am not the right therapist for someone I will assist them in finding a therapist who is.

Why people should choose Kristine Butler to be their therapist?  

I treat all my clients with a great deal of respect.  I believe my clients are all unique and deserve to be heard, validated and honored. I do my best to help them figure out what is best for them.

What psychotherapy techniques do I use or are known for?

My strongest techniques are listening, empathy and caring. Psychotherapy is not magic, is not test taking or sitting in front of a video. Psychotherapy is a working relationship between the therapist and client in which they search for understanding and meaning in the client's life. I serve as a patient witness to the trials of their life so the client can gain a healthy relationship and a new perspective, which enables change.

What would a client say about working with me?

My clients have said I am helpful, understanding, and patient.

What do my colleagues say?

My colleagues say that I am good at diagnosing. I am able to quickly discern the root cause of the concern and then work with the client to help them resolve the issue.

Am I a counselor?

My main focus is psychotherapy. I do offer short term counseling for specific concerns. In counseling the counselor tells the client what is wrong. A psychotherapist helps a client reveal the situation for themselves. As a psychotherapist we develop a relationship and work together to understand the issues that surface. This process allows us to improve understanding and heal the pain. It is designed to foster growth. Counseling is short term. Psychotherapy is a long term process to alleviate the cause. An analogy would be "You take Tylenol to relieve the pain or you go to the doctor to see what is wrong."

I am a psychotherapist helping clients gain long term positive change.


Why did I become a LCSW?

I decided to become a Psychotherapist because there are too many people in the world who do not have a way to express themselves or anyone who will truly listen. I really like my job! I meet great people and hear amazing life stories.