Dating After Marriage


If you think dates are for unmarried couples, think again!!  Dating or old fashioned “courting” is a way we find out if the other person is right for us.  We need to check out things like social skills, table manners and  conversational skills and being out in public helps us evaluate these.  Dating helps us determine compatibility.  So why is dating after marriage or when you’re in a committed relationship important?  Most people want to make a good impression when on a date.  Even though you may have been with your partner for a few years or are even living together or married it is still important to make a good impression.  If you think back to a time when you and your love first began dating I bet you get a smile on your face.  That’s because you both wanted the other person to like you!  That’s right, a date is not just a tool to determine compatibility, it’s a way of sending the message “I like you and I hope you like me”.

Keys to Dating After Marriage:

  • Ask your partner to go on a date with you
  • Plan ahead, choose an activity they will enjoy
  • Take a shower, you need to look good and smell good
  • If you have children, you make the child care arrangements
  • Make sure the car is clean and you have gas
  • Check your wallet and make sure you can pay for the date
  • Have nice conversation, seriously, no stressful topics like kids, money, jobs, or in laws
  • Remember you want them to like you
  • Have fun!  try Miniature Golf, a Picnic, beach sunset, roller coaster riding

If you remember how to have fun in your relationship then dating after marriage will help you and  your partner make real progress to a happier and healthier relationship.

A few bonus thoughts on Dating After Marriage:

  • your goal is to be liked by your spouse
  • if the first date seems rocky do not despair, you might be out of practice
  • think of topics to talk about ahead of time
  • you don’t have to spend a lot of money, be creative
  • do not expect anything in return for the date
  • I know you can do it!!!

It would be great if you could go on a date once a week with your love, but realistically once a month will have serious positive effects too!


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