Most people deal with frustration on a daily basis.  Someone recently asked me “what should I do with frustration”?  The question did not surprise me, but it did get me curious…how many people get stuck with their own frustration?  Dealing with frustration can make people feel trapped by their own emotions.  It takes away from an ability to feel at peace with ourselves.    It seems to occur when there is a flood of  difficult emotions: anger, resentment, confusion, impatience, and many others.  This can be experienced when alone or involved with other people.

The world is a very demanding and busy place!  It is not unusual for people to become overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated.   It is important to recognize frustrationand the need to deal with it as it arises.

Here are a few steps to help you manage your own frustration.

  •  slow down
  •  take a few deep breaths
  •  identify all your emotions, not just your frustration
  •  focus on one other emotion
  •  think of how to deal with that emotion
  •  relax, relax, relax
  •  talk through your frustration with another person

These steps will not resolve all frustrations.  They can help to slow down the frustration and overwhelming emotions which contribute to frustration.

It is also important to remember  other people do not always deal with their own frustration in a way which  is good  for everyone else.  If someone expects others to respond in a desired manner frustration and stress are  likely to set in when that does not happen.

Being able to manage frustration comes down to having self control and realistic expectations.  If you find it difficult to manage your frustration and stress in many different situations you may need to talk to a professional.