Resiliency: The Best Gift we give our Children

I was recently talking to a friend about watching our children grow up and  how they have to face so many difficulties.  We agreed we would like to prevent them from facing problems or stress….but then again we know they have to!!  My wise friend made the statement “the best gift we give our children is resiliency”.  I’ve thought about it and have decided she is absolutely right!!

Love, nurturing, patience, sense of family, a home and education are just a few gifts parents give their children  Most parents want their children to have a better life than the one they have had.  Along with all the things and values parents give there are tools needed as well.  The tools of hard work, self reliance, coping skills, stress management and  communication skills are all necessary but there  is a specific gift that parents need to give their children that is often overlooked.   RESILIENCY  is the ability to bounce back after adversity or to overcome a difficulty.  A person is resilient when they experience a challenging situation without losing themselves.  A bad event does not change the person’s sense of self if they have RESILIENCY.

Here are a few ideas for increasing  RESILIENCY in children:

  • teach them to stand up for themselves
  • allow them to solve their own problems whenever possible
  • build them up if others tear them down
  • be honest with them, in a kind way
  • help them to develop healthy self esteem
  • let them know the world is not perfect
  • confirm that “its not fair” and that’s ok!!

Children who possess RESILIENCY are going to be stronger in the world.  They will be able to handle problems and challenges more easily.  RESILIENCY allows children an opportunity to try many things without being discouraged. RESILIENCY allows them to see their failures without having to quit.  RESILIENCY is a gift that will follow them into adulthood and will hold its value more than any other gift!